Soledad Gomez

Hello! My name is Soledad Gomez, and I am the head coach at the USD Women's Soccer Club team and a Surf coach. I have been coaching for 7+ years now with 21 years of player experience. I am passionate about coaching upcoming coaches to help build their soccer program as they aid and guide their athletes to reach their full potential on and off the field.

As a former SDSU Division 1 collegiate and semi-professional athlete, I understand the dedication and hard work required to succeed at the highest level of competition. In 2014, I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in criminology, and more recently, I obtained my life coach accreditation in 2020.

In addition to coaching, I also have a strong background in sales and operations, with expertise in Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Word, and strategic planning. I bring these skills to my coaching practice, helping my coaches and athletes set goals, develop plans for achieving them, and stay motivated throughout the process.

Overall, I am a dedicated and passionate coach with a wide range of skills and experiences to offer. I am committed to helping coaches become better by providing tools so young coaches and athletes reach their full potential in soccer and in all areas of life. If this is you, then I would love to work with you, your future athlete or your program in order to achieve personal and/or collective "goals"! 

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